Trendy uses of Cork in Interior design

Traditionally cork was valued for its functionality, but over the years its uses in house decor have diversified. It was ideal for use in moisture-prone areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry area, owing to its antibacterial, hypo-allergic and mold-resistance properties.
The use of cork has become very popular in 2017, and its use in interior design is mainly valued from the visual appeal it offers. The touch of cork greatly transforms any living space, and its uses can only be limited by one’s creativity. It is very versatile and can blend with everything in a room.

Below are some of the trendy uses of cork in interior design:

i. Flooring
Cork is now a popular flooring substitute to the traditional use of wood, concrete or tiles.

The cellular structure of cork provides an air cushion which offers thermal insulation. The floor, therefore, remains warm even when the temperatures fall. You can walk barefoot even during chilly morning hours.

The soft and bouncy nature of cork also brings comfort and cushions your feet against any pressure. Activities that require quite some time of standing like cooking, wouldn’t bother you as the bouncy cork tiles protect your heels and back. Babies also have fun and are eager to crawl around without hurting their soft knees.

Cork tile are durable and resist to scratches and cracks. They are compressible and elastic and, therefore, spring back and regain its form when heavy or sharp objects fall on it. No doubt, cork tiles will offer years of service in your home or even office.

Cork can also be used as a floating floor between two concrete floors, or as under layer on hardwood or ceramic floors. In this case, it will reduce noise levels as well as act thermal barrier

ii. Cork pops of color
Well, the dull traditional beige and bland colors of cork have been revolutionized. Cork now comes in an array of colors and styles; amber, brown, cherry, gold, black, walnut, gold, taupe, white and ebony are just but a few of the colors you can choose from.

Architects and designers are now using cork on walls instead of wallpapers or the boring plain wall. Colorful cork on the wall brings the warmth and beauty of any room. For instance, you can apply gray cork paneling on the walls of the dining room.

Cork’s flexibility is amazing. The tiles can be dyed and stained in preferred colors and sizes, and then installed to bring out uniformity and create a faux stone finish.

iii. Cork board bulletin walls
The natural color and texture of cork can create a space for temporarily displaying your artwork in a neat and organized manner. Cork boards are ideal for office and the children rooms. Sticking your reminders, letters, memos or calendars and will give your office a warm and cozy look. Use of cork bulletin will also economize space in a small office.
In the children’s bedroom, you can pin on it photos, cartoon characters and/or work of art making it interesting and fun.

iv. The beauty of cork art
There are various ways you can get creative and pull trendy looks from cork art. Every time you pop your bottles of wine or bubbly, do not throw away the corks. Create fun and trendy Do-It-Yourself projects and crafts using them. You can write memorable events underneath each of them, and mount then on a frame to create a wall art.